Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

Travel nursing has become in demand even before pandemic hits the world, but it continues to balloon due to COVID-19. Designation has become broader just like Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas which also continues to grow. Everything is big, fun, and exciting in Texas. That’s why working here as a travel nurse can be a good way to have pleasure and work at the same time. If you are planning to become a travel nurse, Gifted Healthcare travel nursing jobs in Texas are looking for a nurse who wants to explore the world and grow their  career as well. 

Where Are The Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs?

Texas is one of the highest paying states when it comes to travel nurse salaries. An average salary of a travel nurse is $1,400 a week and can reach up to $4,000. That’s How Much Do Travel Nurses Make In Houston Texas. Apart from location other factors can also affect the salary of travel nurses in Texas, specialization can add up to the salary a nurse will receive. Travel nurses can get lucky if they get assigned to Texas and other states that pay higher. 

Where In Texas Do Nurses Get Paid The Most?

Houston and Pasadena have the highest salaries when it comes to travel nurse salaries that can start at $53,000 for RN1 and reach up to $93,000 for head nurses. So if you get assigned to a major city of Texas then you are lucky. 

What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas ?

Working as a travel nurse under a travel nurse agency gives you other benefits apart from your basic salary. 


Being away from home and jumping from one place to another can cause you to be homesick. That’s why travel nurse agencies have provided housing for their travel nurses in Texas, so they won’t feel too lonely and have a place to call their home. 

More Job Opportunities 

Working under a travel nurse agency can give you more opportunity to work with different medical facilities in Texas and other locations. The good thing about being under an agency is that they can give you assignments all year round which means your rest days will be shorter or if you want a longer rest time it can also be possible. There is job security in travel nursing jobs even if assignments are only short term since they can assign you to different facilities and destinations. 

Chance to Explore Texas

What To See And Do In Texas? Texas is known to have the longest coastline which means you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming and surfing. For kayaking, surfing and walks you can visit Padre Island National Shore. You can also go to historic downtown and enjoy their wineries and  breweries to unwind from your work. There is more to explore in Texas working there as a travel nurse you can go around the city in your free time. Being able to practice professionally and tour to different places is the number one reason why nurses want to work as a travel nurse. 

Flexible Schedule 

Each assignment can last from thirteen weeks or more depending on how long the medical facility needs you. The good thing about this is you can get an assignment after each finished assignment, or you can rest for a while if you wish. You can also decline the assignment if you think your destination will not be comfortable for you. Extensions from assignments are also possible, if they ask for your extension, and you think you like the place then lucky for you. 

Grow Professionally 

By being assigned as a travel nurse in Texas and different places you can earn experience as well as learn new skills since medical facilities have different strategies in doing their rounds and routine. Being familiar with the way different cultures work on their medical routine can boost up your skills and can help you get better jobs as a nurse. 

Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas are encouraging nurses to work and explore at the same time. If you are a nurse, and you are qualified then get assigned in Texas and enjoy the benefits you can reap during your assignment.